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We can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes which means that our foster homes are the heart of the rescue.  We do not have a facility to house dogs (shelter environment) but rather every dog goes to a loving foster home until adopted.  We know that rescue dogs do much better when in a home environment and have an easier transition to their permanent home.  Oftentimes our fosters are so dedicated to, and love their foster dog, that they get to choose the most appropriate approved applicant.  

We do a temperament and personality evaluation and place our dogs in the most appropriate foster home.  If a dog isn't working out in your home we’ll work quickly to find a more suitable foster home.  The rescue pays for all of the dogs vetting needs, and if needed, supplies (crate, food, collar and leash).  Some of our fosters prefer only puppies, big dogs, seniors, any dog, or a few at a time.  It just depends on the foster home and their ability to provide the best environment for the rescue dogs.  Fosters are encouraged to communicate with the Director of Fosters for any concerns or questions.  

Foster Testimonals

"As a foster you literally help save a life.  Will you fall in love with the dog?  Probably so, but you take on this role knowing you are shaping the future of this dog for a prospective family.  It's a bond of earned trust and dedication.  It only takes one foster dog to become hooked.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing you changed the world for that one dog and family."              

Tambi Parker, Foster mom

"Fostering for Allie's Haven has been life changing and a true blessing.  The experience of taking a dog into your home after coming from the most neglectful and horrific circumstances, to watch them blossom into healthy beautiful dogs is so rewarding.  A piece of my heart is filled with the joy of each adoption.  It's hard not to want to keep them but looking back at the lives  I had a big part in in saving gives me the drive to take in another"

Bridget Wilson, Foster mom

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